Essential Drupal modules you can not live without

Alright, you could live without but you really should not. I have started using Drupal 7 three weeks ago and that time was enough to figure out that there is a set of modules that are essential for every Drupal application you will ever make. So far I have identified five modules I could not live without, if you think there should be more on this list contact me and I will add them.

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Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) post installation

As I'm coding on a crappy Pentium D PC (donate! donate!)I was looking for some time now a fast and user friendly Linux distro. Always preferred debian based distros so I've given a try to Ubuntu, Ubuntu LTS and of course Debian 7. Debian was the fastest of the 3 but was lacking a nice and fast UI.

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Laravel 4 - Versioning your app using git

A simple and neat way of versioning your app with git automatically.

What you'll need:

  • a git hook
  • an artisan command
  • a new laravel config file

First create an artisan command using php artisan command:make versioning then edit your app/start/artisan.php to register your newly created artisan command by appending Artisan::add(new Versioning); at the end of the file.

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Laravel 4 - Simple Validation Trait

Validator Trait

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Most used git commands

Keeping those here as a reference.

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EVE-SL will be released to the public.

12/12 EDIT: Not able to push EVE-SL to a stable release as I have a very heavy schedule. I'll keep you posted for any updates.

It's been sometime now that i'm working on rewriting EVE-SL to be released as an open source project. You can follow the progress on github. Pull requests will be not be accepted at this point, i want to rewrite everything first.

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Server downtime

There was a hard disk failure on the server my VPS is on two days ago and had to replace the faulty disk. Sites and services were down for more than 24hs (btw, Quickweb took the opportunity to change to a newer sandy bridge server) . Now everything is restored (thanks to my daily backups) and fully functional. I understand shit can happen and do happens all of the time but didn't expect a downtime of more than 24hs .

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EVE Online Shopping Lists v2 is now live

After some time EVE Online Shopping Lists v2 is finally live, v2 have replaced v1. Because of the new user/character management system you'll have to re-register. I hope you enjoy it and you can always contact me through this site or the links available after you're logged in eve-sl.

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EVE Online Shopping Lists v2 updates

What is completed since the announcement of version 2:

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EVE Online Shopping Lists v2 update - Registration

No longer needed to provide your API key to register with eve-sl Out Of Game (OOG). You'll need to create an account and bind your characters to that account if you want to share your lists with your fellow corp mates. If you don't want to share any of your lists there is no need to bind any of your characters and you'll still be able to create/manage your lists as usual.

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